Staff Research Associates

Kevin Uhlinger 2009-2011

Current position: Staff Research Associate, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University.


Postdoctoral Researchers

Tufan Gokirmak, 2010-2016

Current Position: Cell Biologist R&D, Thermo Fisher Carlsbad.

Kristen Whalen, 2010-2012

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Haverford College.


PhD Students

Joseph P. Campanale 2009-2015

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Lauren Shipp, 2009-2015

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at The Salk Institute.


Undergraduate Researchers

Alysha Vu,  2013-2016

Current position: Genentech.

Boris Stepanyuk, 2014-2016

Current position: UCSD Undergraduate Student, Human Biology Major

Lisa Mesrop, 2011-2014

Current position: Research Associate, USC.

Rose Z. Hill, 2010-2014

Current position: Ph.D. student, UC Berkeley.

 Saloni Mehta, 2011 (NSF SURF trainee)

Current position: Ph.D. student, University Of Miami.

Kazuya Koda, 2009-2011

Current position: Gilead Sciences.


High School Interns

 Kelly Doran, 2011

Current Position: Undergraduate Student,UC Berkeley.

Julia Roche, 2011

Current Position: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.


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